Plating tanks, fabricated cylindrical shaped tanks, sump liners, storage boxes, etc. are a sideline to the fire truck tanks. Stationary or mobile applications. The picture shows a sludge tank at ASARCO in Amarillo TX.
Industrial Products and Storage.
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Plas-Mac, Inc. offers warranty service, modifications and repairs on Plas-Mac tanks and repairs on other brands of tanks. Please call for a quote. 800-687-0128
This picture is at the Divison of Forestry in Davie Florida repairing the tank on this Soft Track after a roll-over.
Polypropylene Tank Service
Plas-Mac, Inc.'s tanks range in size from 5 gallon foam to 4,000 gallon skid or "T" tanks. All are built to meet NFPA standards.
They are fabricated from 1/2" or 3/4" UV stabilized polypropylene in black or white.
This picture is a "T" tank with an inverted "L" shape with the foam and water connections on the rear of the tank.
Polypropylene Tanks.

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As Fleet Administrator for the Amarillo Fire Department I wish to thank you for your prompt attention regarding the repair of one of our tanks. As you know many of our tanks are another brand, I have found their service slow and often not sufficient. They have had to come back and re-repair tanks. I find it encouraging to be able to rely on a company that is quick to respond and does excellent work. I saw the repair on the tank your company made before it was reinstalled and the quality was outstanding. I look forward to a continued relationship. Plas-Mac is the only company that will repair and manufacture our tanks.
Danny Dwight
Fleet Administrator
Amarillo Fire Department
Office: 806-378-6841
Fax: 806-378-6845